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  • Repetitive: Still waiting for the truck

    Posted on April 2nd, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    We are still waiting for the truck to be totally fixed.  We did receive a promise that it would be done today 4/2/2015. Yea, if we make it to that goal.  We will bring it to the marina and pop the top up and start to rearrange items so that we may pack boat items to be returned to Indiana. Moore on this in later blogs.

    The sun is up and it is low tide.   The tide here is only about a foot± but you can see the water hyacinths floating this way and then the other way. The day promises to be another one in the mid-80’s with clear skies. Should be a good day for us to start wrapping up the winter on the boat. I am sitting here right now wrapped in a blanket because it is still quite cool and SAM’s fan is still churning out air.

    Yesterday we walked pier 1 out to the paddlewheel boat replica.  The gentlemen working on the boat were quite happy to speak with us at length about her.  It is here for a complete refit and upgrade to ultra-luxury accommodations and galley.  Withing the year it will travel by paddlwheel alone down the intercostal  to Stuart and through Lake Okeechobee to LaBelle to Fort Meyers and then on to its final destination of Apalachicola, FL where it will ply the river.  The main base will be at the museum. I would like to make the trip up river some day: Another thing for the bucket list.

    I’ll probably add more to this blogline if I get time later today.

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