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  • Home Sweet Home

    Posted on April 12th, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    There is nothing like home.  We went to church this morning and we saw all our old friends and it felt comfortable.  So very comfortable and able to make one slide into the old groove.  The new pastor will not let this happen I am safe to say. So here we are, still unpacking, getting equipment ready for Spring and still feeling kinda under the weather.  This chest thing is getting me down I fear.  I keep coughing and there is a rattle now and again but I am expectorating and feeling slightly better now that I am home again in Indiana near family, friends, extended family and even old, but dear, enemies.

    Even so, I am still researching ship born items like AIS and Chart Plotters on Alibaba.  My heart is at home and restful but my spirit wants to be at sea.  I am sure this condition is related to age and at 70+ years it is a malady confronted by countless generations that are getting old with or without Grace.  I am sure it is the peace of Christ that will finally give me the peace that I yearn for.

    As far as we know, Inspiration II is resting at peace in her slip with double lines tied to every possible cleat and position that does not violate nautical protocol.  Steve and others look after her and this gives us comfort.  I hear SAM rattling the dishes above and this means grub is coming soon. Thank God for wives who, doing there duty, with a smile produce food that is tasty and edible but tempsts the palate with things to come.  Thank you SAM.

    I feel right now like I must end this missive and find the place to contemplate.  We missed the church service tonight and were missed, due to tests that I received, so the guilty capitulate, but I am so weak I do not have the strength to counter the argument.  To DJ: fight, to Beth: Strength is your virtue, To Marc: I love you, To SAM: thanks for sticking thru thick and thin, boats and all, to Jessica: What a heart and Mind, use it or lose it.  The end of this missive.



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