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  • Cold Continuing & Leaden Skies As Well

    Posted on April 11th, 2016 cwmoore No comments

    We definitely came home too early this year.  I envy those still down there. My last post said about the same thing.  I have spent the time between posts resting, staying inside and looking for new peojects like finding a RV.  The first cut was presented, without too much success, to my spouse.  Anyway, I shall persist until I feel comfortable with the market.  After that is a grey area but at least if keeps my mind occupied with visions of a new adventure.

    The truth be told, I miss my boat and my boating friends.  I doubt that I will ever recover from this malady since new things on the shrinking horizon do not seem as exciting nor as focusing.  However, when your path is strewn with pebbles and you are constantly on guard it becomes easy to capitulate.  What a boring life is on land so I guess I am resigned to finding energy somewhere and make life interesting.  I have been thinking of applying for a crew position on a boat going somewhere.

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