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  • My Brilliant Ideas

    Posted on August 11th, 2016 cwmoore No comments

    I have been studying DNA lately and am now reading the book “The Seven Daughter of Eve” by Bryan Sykes.The way he presents things is so clear and easy to read. The complexity of the process but the simplicity of the concept have made clear to me how to reconcile my strong belief in Science and an even stronger belief in the religious aspects. But why does this clarity always happen at 0430?

    I think there is a reason – your mind distills the days perplexing tasks and gives you the answer.  Many times in my life I have had a complex task to perform left over from the day before.  In a stroke of genius, the next morning I have an answer that seems so obvious I wonder why I did not think of it before.  One of those Test Answers:  If you know most of the answers the test was easy but if you did not then the test was hard.

    Ok, Moore later I think.