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  • End Times

    Posted on May 20th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    SAM went up to FCC early to catch the start of the “End Times” study.  I arrived later but before lunch so that was good. I have to say Josh makes it interesting and his slides add to the effect.  The basis of the day was Revelations with many support texts from other areas of the bible.  There were more people there from outside the church than I thought there would be.  I did not intend to stay all afternoon but that is how it panned out. I enjoyed it but by 1600 hrs I was ready for the finale.

    When I arrived back home I put together the Allstar node 43870 I have been working on and it working now but has a couple of irritations that have to be sorted out.  More on this later because it is time for the 12 Monkeys series on Kodi: It definitely is not biblical but it is SyFy about the end of time

    BFN Moore.

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