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  • Another Day In Tech Room

    Posted on June 15th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    I started out with good intentions this morning to break out the chainsaw and cut up the fallen limbs from the storm.  However, first I had to check in with the Little Red Barn Net, an honorific to the AM Radio Station 1190, but when finished I had one more thing to do.  Then came the telephone call from Dale. Then the doctor’s office called and reminded me that it was next week for my appointment but first I needed an x-ray.  So I setup and x-ray but SAM came back from her morning of garage sales and wanted to tell me about it while she was fixing lunch and showing me her treasurers.  After that i had to go get the x-ray and while there I remembered all the parts came in for the Allstar node I was building Logan.  So one thing lead to another and now it is 1930 hours and it is time for dinner.

    i did get the node done and it is working and Logan knows it.  So now I await some thing like dinner and the end of the day.  So thus goes all my days, segueing from one thing to another and I am glad to be at work doing something I love.  I forgot to mention earlier my website came back up but WordPress did not work.  Finally,I received the new password that had to be reset when the ISP did something to screw that up.  Now I am writing about my day but SAM just called and told me it was time for dinner – BFN.

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