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  • Lots of little things & one biggy

    Posted on June 23rd, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    The biggy for this week was when Marc showed up at the door, announced but only sort of, and stayed a day.  We had a good time and went to Suttons Deli for lunch and it is always good at Suttons.  Prior, I had an appointment at the hospital to get a reading from the Urologist on my 4 kidney stones: It seems they are stable and we will wait another year to evaluate.

    Today, I carried some of the debris from the fallen tree limb down to the burn pile and picked up some of the cut wood to be split.  For some reason this was rather tiring.  Afterwards I was working in the Technical Room when SAM entered and helped me with some Ethernet cables I was trying to find.  Prior to her arrival I had installed a new 24 port managed switch in the rack and was trying to get it ready to allow switching from the 8 port managed switches to the new one.  Everything went well and the old switch was removed from service.  Now I have to make a bunch of patch cables so I have new ones of proper length to fill the panel. Everything looks good right now.

    Cheers from Moore.

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