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  • White Supremacy: Today’s Hot Topic

    Posted on August 22nd, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    How Evangelicals Support White Supremacy—Even Though They Reject Racism

    I found this article while perusing today’s topic list and found it interesting. I have often wondered how my Christian brothers and sisters could justify some of their (and mine too) viewpoints. It seems to stem from our viewpoint that anything outside our consideration “outside” our control is part of the corrupt world and therefore not worthy of our consideration. On reflection this morning, I think this is true, and is worthy of my future thought on a wider scale. For example, with the explosion of facebook and other online media my opinion is that people are compartmentalizing even more and as a result becoming more narrow minded, less tolerant and confrontational of differing views. This is bewildering to people like me that believe in Jesus’s 11th commandment (John 13:34) and moderation and as a result am being forced into progressively more narrow thinking.

    Therefore, this little blogline is sort of a reminder and book marker that I must revisit this subject matter when my viewpoint has shifted to another point on the circle.

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