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  • My IQ vs Einstein

    Posted on August 31st, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    This is a very simple equation to look at: A approximates  the elements xyz and these are define as x=work, y=play and z=keeping your mouth shut.. However, we have one equation and three unknowns so it is impossible to solve without more equatons or definitions. So if Albert Einstein has an IQ of 160 and A=that IQ  we have equation 1. Then assuming x=y there is an equal balance of work and play so that is a healthy thing and equation 2. However, the ability to keep one’s mouth shut is very important and something I could never do so I will define z=x+y and that is the third equation. We can now solve the problem based on my assumptions: A=4x or 4x=160 = 40 so y=40 and Z=80. Since I cannot keep my mouth shut, I give myself about a z= 10 so that makes my IQ = 20. I now hope you are fully enlightened .

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