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  • Last Frost Date Data for Indiana

    Posted on April 28th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    Traditionally, the last frost date for NE Indiana where we live is 15 May but this is the simplistic date.  One can get a better estimated date by following the link to this site. For those suspicious people the actual url is http://www.webgrower.com/regional/frost-pdf/IN.pdf .  To use this chart correctly you must determine your risk factor  and the 50 column means a 50/50 chance that a frost will occur..  If you plant seeds and the germination time is 7 days then the odds are greater than 50/50  and guesstimated to be 80/20.  A 20 percent risk chance is reasonably low.  Anyway study the chart and take the chance level you feel comfortable on taking. Cheers.

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