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  • We turned on heat!

    Posted on October 16th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

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    We turned on the heat in the house a week ago today and then last night it was 32°F.  The Fall is here and we are not ready for it.  Friday the 12th the Y Oak in the front yard was cut down due to death of the east half.  We started splitting the wood with the power splitter the next day.  We have three ranks sitting in the driveway now and more splitting to be done.  I do not think we will get 2 full cords like I originally estimated but we will have a full cord and perhaps an additional rank.  With the the Ash we have it will be about 5 ranks total.  What a nice thing to do in the Fall – split wood.  The Fall leaves are starting to come down and we intend to try and chop them up with the mower.  If this is successful then no more leaf vacuuming.  This gives us freedom for this time of year, whereas before, it was like an anchor.

    Last night was a Gideon’s meeting and I went for the dinner part too.  We had a good crowd and a guest speaker who talked about the “Friends of Gideons”.  The gist of the discussion was that name recognition is becoming less and less such that the youth of today do not even know what Gideons are all about.  Also discussed were the three circles of Gideon’s – Bible distribution being most prominent by far and how we need to normalize the three circles to a more equal basis.  A very interesting evening.  From what I can see the membership may be increasing in our camp.