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  • Saturday Slow

    Posted on November 3rd, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    Image may contain: cloud, sky, tree, outdoor, nature and waterYesterday I was a bundle of energy and seemed to accomplish a lot.  This included making a tour of my Geocaches, cleaning sticks off the roof plus a myriad of other necessary but little tasks like putting the deck table into the bar, taking the tools out of the truck and putting them in the car and sweeping the truck with my newish Harbor Freight vacuum (It works better than my Sears shopvac). Wow what a day. Surprisingly I was not fatigued at the end of the day.

    Today, SAM had an event at the church, a funeral dinner, and is not back as I write this so I expect I have some time to tell the world of my day.  I awoke at the customary late time, fixed breakfast and cleaned out the dishwasher.  After that I checked email and the ubiquitous Facebook plus checked the weather – yucky for the rest of the week – and just sat and watched the sunshine filtering through the rather leafless trees in the back yard.  You could say we are at peak color but about 50% of the leaves are down due to the rain of several days and whatever E, S, W winds we have had.  Today the winds shifted from SE to SW so I got out the leaf blower and swept the driveway while taking advantage of the SW winds to lift the leaves in the exact direction I wanted them to go – yea. Having a few minutes after lunch, I cleaned out the storm water pickups & drains of our down-the-hill piping system (we are down the slope from the road and in the

    winter the salt/sand trucks deposit a LOT of sand that works its way into the drain system). The Amateur Radio Allstar node has been almost non-stop today and I am listening to it while waiting for SAM to return.

    Next week we are winterizing the summer “cabin” so it is officially the end of the season.  This year has gone fast!  There were few major milestones and few medical events,  I spent a lot of time at the airport this year and moved much shop equipment out there so I could do some woodworking, cleaning and minor repairs needed to Inspiration III. In the course of the summer I was re-introduced to the aviation community that I have let languish since my flying buddy of decades died about 2002. I do not have an overwhelming desire to fly again, certainly not in “fly high go fast” machines, but every once in a while I get a little tickle to go up again in a LSA.  The hangar is bare except for Inspiration III and another dolly.  I will clean them out this week and plug her into home power.

    Opps, SAM just arrived – got to go.  BFN