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  • Super Blood Moon and segues

    Posted on January 21st, 2019 cwmoore No comments

    Last night (1/20/2019) was the Super Blood Moon and we watched it at a club house party here in the Escapee’s Rainbow’s End RV Park at Livingston, TX.  We gave up at 11:12 which was the 100% Umbra.  It was not quite as spectacular as I expected but still it was pretty cool. I can see why the ancients were perplexed and a bit worried.  The skies were perfectly clear.  The binoculars were usable and useful seeing it with a bit of color. I am glad I stayed up to see it.  I may never again be able to observe with such clarity and at a time that I will stay up to see it from this Earth.

    Approximately 12 PM today the plumber showed up at the RV to repair the lavatory single handle faucet.  He did not think he could repair it so I told him to install the Moen two handle set I picked up at Lowes last Friday.  I am glad I took the precaution.  He went zip, zip and had it installed in less than an hour.  I paid him the $100/hour and he departed.  So, the faucet cost $83 and this brings the total to $183±.   That sink has cost us this year!  The better half was washing some socks and pushed the sink out from the counter top and that cost $180.  Hopefully we are finished with that part of the RV for a while.

    While waiting for the plumber, I was listening to a Youtube on a sailing vBlog called RAN and came across his comment about liking the native tribe in the vicinity of Panama City.  I made a comment about my daughter being down there in the Peace Corps.  Herein, I include her embeded link to picture she took and the blog she continues to produce.


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