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  • San Antonio

    Posted on March 2nd, 2019 cwmoore No comments

    We pulled into a SE Antonio RV Park tp make some RV repairs and to see the Alamo and The River Walk. We have been waiting for a sunshiny, moderately warm day – tomorrow may be it.

    The parallelogram windshield wiper system broke in Austin. The idler arm pivot on the coach failed such that the acorn nut holding on the coach end of the arm came off. this allows the arm to freely float and the wiper does this crazy dance. We found a machinist that said he would make us a new part and we are waiting on him now.

    Today I recharged the water softener using a new scheme. We learned a lot and what to do and not do. Below is the general diagram of what I am talking about. The salt goes into the inlet canister and a fine stream of water is started to put the dissolved salt into the softener.

    After most of the salt is dissolved while the pencil thick stream of water at the Output water is running, stop the water flow and wait 5 minutes. Then run a stream of water into the softener that is about 3/8″ diameter for 5 minutes. Taste the water after the 5 minutes and it does not taste of salt you are good. If it does then run a while longer and taste until no salt is tasted. You are then recharged.