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  • IRL: Tech Worker Revolt

    Posted on July 29th, 2019 cwmoore No comments

    There’s a movement building within tech. Workers are demanding higher standards from their companies — and because of their unique skills and talent, they have the leverage to get attention. Walkouts and sit-ins. Picket protests and petitions. Shareholder resolutions, and open letters. These are the new tools of tech workers, increasingly emboldened to speak out. And, as they do that, they expose the underbellies of their companies’ ethics and values, or perceived lack of them.

    In this episode of IRL, host Manoush Zomorodi meets with Rebecca Stack-Martinez, an Uber driver fed up with being treated like an extension of the app; Jack Poulson, who left Google over ethical concerns with a secret search engine being built for China; and Rebecca Sheppard, who works at Amazon and pushes for innovation on climate change from within. EFF Executive Director Cindy Cohn explains why this movement is happening now, and why it matters for all of us.


    Here is Jack Poulson’s resignation letter to Google

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  • Mississippi Dance

    Posted on July 29th, 2019 cwmoore No comments

    Over the last 3 millennia the Mighty Mississippi has changed course and this is her dance:

    No photo description available.

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  • Impeachment Cannot Heal This Divided Nation

    Posted on July 29th, 2019 cwmoore No comments

    By Cynthia Tucker (copied from: https://www.troyrecord.com)

    There are two Americas, and they are at war.

    In one, every word uttered by President Donald J. Trump is the golden gospel, swaddled in larger truths if hostile to simple facts. In the other, Trump is a habitual liar — a con man who has run the Oval Office as a criminal enterprise. To one America, Trump is a leader trying to salvage a nation set on a course of moral decay, attempting to turn it back to a time of purer values.

    To the other America, the president is a flagrant reprobate, a lecherous narcissist with no moral fiber.

    To one America, Trump is a strong defender of traditional Western mores, with their emphasis on Euro-centric values, “Father Knows Best” families and Caucasian cultural standards. To the other America, the president is an unrepentant racist, a bigot who vilifies racial and religious minorities, a demagogue who would turn back the progress of the last 50 years.

    How will those diametrically opposed views of the Trump presidency ever be reconciled? Can they be?

    There was nothing in the halting and reluctant testimony of Robert Mueller that could repair the breach, and it was foolish for anyone to expect there to be. Evidence of Trump’s perfidy has long been abundant and public. Any partisans willing to reconsider have had ample opportunity to do so.

    But faith in Trump isn’t a rational exercise. It’s tantamount to a religion — or a cult. Trumpists have an existential fear of a browning America, a primal sense that their hegemony will be lost, and the president gives profane voice to their basest impulses. He is, he tells them, riding to their rescue. Neither rational arguments nor mounds of evidence can overcome that.

    This is the backlash to the election of Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president. For racially resentful white voters, it was a harbinger of things to come, a reminder of inexorable demographic change.

    The fear of a browning America has been brewing for decades. In his 2011 screed, “Suicide of a Superpower,” the ultraconservative politician and commentator Pat Buchanan predicted a swift decline for a nation that, in his view, was being overrun by people of color. Writer Peter Brimelow — an immigrant himself, albeit a white one — penned a similar tract, “Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster,” back in 1995.

    Follow the link at top above for the complete excellent article: Thank you Cynthia Tucker & The Record

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