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  • RV life in Alabama

    Posted on February 15th, 2020 cwmoore No comments

    Here we are just a few miles north of Gulf Shores in a campground. This place is quiet, rural and relatively inexpensive if you forget about the 10% sales tax. Most of the conveniences known to modern man are just a few miles away as is the rural type venues like Tractor Supply, saddle & tack shops, pecan farms and Campers World.

    It is a conservative area where neighbors try to outdo one another and the most outstanding example is the Trump posters in about 90% of the front yards. I have yet to see posters from anyone else except for a few Judge Roy Moore banners. People are afraid to advertise anyone else or at least that is what I am told. Judging Washington these days I guess they are correct.

    About 50% of the days are wet and cloud with the rest being sunny and 60’ish. This is of course mid-February. Late January was cold, 30°± at night and mid-40’s in the day. We were getting ready to pack-up and head to Florida but it turned to an acceptable temperature that we enjoy.

    Food here in the restaurants is excellent and most have good ambiance too – about $35 with tip for two people. That is without alcohol which can be pretty pricey – figure $70 with tip with.

    The biggest downside of staying here is the internet or lack thereof: We have about 1 bar of 4G mimo. This is not too bad but there are hundreds of people vying for the 36 channel slots (Band 13) and all want to stream video. I try to get my internet critical items done in the morning before 10AM. After that things really slow to 1990 era speeds.

    Mo(o)re later.

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