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  • Illegitimi non carborundum

    Posted on April 11th, 2020 cwmoore No comments

    Can you tell I am getting tired of all the political diatribes and grandstanding? Man, we have another 7+ months to go! Is there anyone who seriously does not know how they are going to vote?

    Ok, there is the 45 Klan and the 44 Klan so who to chose? I definitely do not like most of the 45 Klan but then again, I was getting a bit tired of the reverse bias of the 44 Klan ( the general electorate was not as smart as the 44 Klan). I think I could hold my own with most of the 45 Klan and exceed most but the support mechanism of really, really smart bureaucrats does not exist for them – they made them mad early on.

    Within the USA there exists two major Klan supporter groups: The Lemmings for 45 and Rose-High for 44. The Lemming Klan will support almost anyone they are told to support and follow them to the bitter, final end. The Rose-High Klan is more or less divided into the Young-Punks, the Unjaded-Celebrates and the $$$$-Guys.

    The Lemming Klan does not care if you are right or wrong, immoral or unethical or even constitutional. In my estimate they are brown shoe thugs; however I may be wrong and they have virtues that elude me. Basically, everyone of them considers themselves constitutional patriots. Why Christians support them I cannot even fathom.

    The Rose-High Klan has a lot of humanity, a lot of peaceful hearts and are generally moral and ethical. These guys soft peddle too much and take the moral high ground too much and are the opposite of the brown shoe thugs. Most of this catagory would consider themselves social patriots. I am chagin and amazed that more of the Christ Centered Christians have not shifted.

    This may be continued or not and will depend on inspiration and time.

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