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  • I Love Eggs!

    Posted on July 1st, 2020 cwmoore No comments

    I love eggs. My grandad had a big for then free range chicken ranch in NE Indiana. In the Spring I dreamed of the day when the new chicks would arrive, peeping in their boxes, to be set free in the brave new world of their circular home. I would leave school as fast as possible to head to the heated Brooder House and enjoy the summer time heat of the gas fired heaters and radiated heat lights. This is one of the great joys of my youth: things were simple and earthy – sort of down on the land. I truly love this time of my life before life intervened.

    I still love eggs! The world has intervened and spoiled my egg frenzy because of partially formed science that says cholesterol is BAD and, yes, you have that allergy symptomatic to eggs and chickens. I am now in the 7th decade of life and found out I am not allergic to eggs, in spite of forgoing many lifesaving vaccines, in deference to the best and latest doctors advice.

    I still love eggs! My ever protective wife limits my egg consumption to a couple per week and I respect her diligence in protecting me. My cholesterol tests show HDL/LDL ratios acceptable and the absolute values for gent like myself reasonable. Indeed, recent CT scans, for no related condition, show only mild plaque, normal heart size and clear lungs and I can split wood and chainsaw for reasonable heart rate guideline dependent periods.

    I still love eggs – fried over medium, poached ( the best condition for eggs), boiled medium or hard or beyond hard and mixed into scrambled, potatoes, salads and any other combination.

    I will always love eggs! For my last meal I want eggs, with lots of salt and bacon, smothered in the pan with potatoes and ketchup.And most of all, I want to watch my wife cook them to perfection.

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