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    Posted on August 29th, 2020 cwmoore No comments

    “Donald Trump is trying to transform the election from a referendum on his own abject performance to a contest centered on radical Democrats and unrest in the streets.”

    Professional writers are so much better than myself at expressing themselves and saying what I would like to say much more succinct. The first paragraph says exactly what I think. It always amazes me these days that his cult of trump does not see this and abandon him.

    A guy I know came up to me they other day and said “I do not know how the USA would survive if Joe Biden is elected”. While giving him a non-committal, placating sort of an answer that I was not that sure. However, all the time I was thinking that the exact opposite was true – If Trump gets elected I do not see how the USA will survive fully intact.

    This post will do nothing change minds or results but I have recorded my thoughts just to remind me that this is my thought for the moment.

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