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  • Escapees Rainbow Plantation

    Posted on March 9th, 2021 cwmoore No comments

    This winter has been spent here in So Alabama near Gulf Shores. It has been a little cold for me but we knew this would happen more or less; however, Covid-19 has forced us into “protect thyself” mode. Now, it seems to be reaching Spring and we have had several very pleasant days in the 70±° with mostly sunny skies and winds less than 10mph and open windows with the exhaust fans on.

    We will have reached maximum Pfizer Covid-19 protection levels next week so we feel a bit more secure in that regard and we plan to go out for a sit down meal next week in celebration of the 1 year isolation release. We plan on masking in larger social groups and when inside: That includes Big Box stores for food and building supplies.

    My gout has resurfaced the last week so I must be getting too free with high purine items and it did not help that I bought a 12 pack of Sierra Nevada. I got through 8 bottles before the twinges started in my right top foot at night so I now have 4 bottles I will not drink. Today I have reviewed the gout diet and will have to cut back on several items like processed meats that I love. I published my guide list on this site in the AM.

    I have officially reached the Spring time antsy stage, sometimes called cabin fever, so I am looking at smaller type motorcycles in the 250-300 cc class. One of my grandsons is interested in bikes so I thought I would like to get another one after a 20 year hiatus. The big criteria is that it is fast enough to go 70+ mph to keep up with traffic and that it is light enough to potentially be trailer-able on the tongue of the tow dolly. That means about 250# more or less. This, in turn, may precipitate getting a small class 4×4 truck that I can carry the motorcycle in.

    Here I am dreaming of this summer and the freedom from cold. We shall see what the Summer/Fall brings this year.

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