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    Posted on December 30th, 2021 cwmoore No comments

    As a young engineer in a medium sized town of Indiana, I bought a BC12D Taylorcraft. It was a big purchase of $1200 for a guy who made $8.4K. The wife thought I was crazy and threatened all sorts of things in a soft sort of way. After a year or so of me coming home unscathed she went for a ride. I think it was the first and last due to my insensitivity to the “spin” that I thought she could handle. I paid for that one for a decade.

    Into, the mid-80’s I had gravitated to motorcycles of great power ( think Suzuki 1150+ and Kawasaki 1000 expanded ). Later, a wise spouse refused to ride with me anymore due to our daughter arriving on the scene and a new phase occurred in my life! It was back to airplanes and the purchase of a PA-28 150 hp Warrior. Man, I loved this plane and got a lot of ratings in her. Many aero adventures have passed since then and a few friends have passed.

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