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  • Wyze Products

    Posted on January 18th, 2022 cwmoore No comments

    While I am in no way associated with Wyze IoT products, I am a fan of their products. Plenty of features for a reasonable, even cheap, price with good reliability.The first and most purchased products ate their CCTV cameras. I started with version 2 and these, by and large, allow me to surveil my home and RV via my smart cellphone. I bought one, then 2 and now have three V2 cams. This last year I bought three more version 3’s. The V3 is an order of magnitude better than the V2’s: better IR night viewing (B&W), much better daytime color and faster, much more features (pay for features) and slightly easier setup. The V3 price is $35± and I will be purchasing more of these. Of course, if a V4 comes out in the <$45 I will purchase a couple of those for critical applications ( hopefully with temperature specs of -10°F to +140°F).

    The other day I ordered a $20 bathroom style scale. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I am not too sure what the scale really does but I hope it has an automatic record of weight that is locally or cloud stored for at least three individuals: The ad says – WYZE Smart Scale S, Scale for Body Weight and BMI, Body Composition Analyzer, Body Fat Scale, Digital Bathroom Scale, Heart Rate Monitor with App, Baby Scale, Wireless, Bluetooth, 400 lb, Black.

    I will report in this blog my views when I have time to evaluate.

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