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  • Everything Amazon Knows About You

    Posted on January 29th, 2022 cwmoore No comments

    How to download all of your Amazon data

    To start, head to this link, or go to Amazon’s Help page. You’ll find the link under Security and Privacy > More in Security & Privacy > Privacy > How Do I Request My Data? Once there, click the “Request My Data” link.

    From the dropdown menu, choose the data you want from Amazon. If you want everything, choose “Request All Your Data.” Hit “Submit Request,” then click the validation link in your email. That’s it. Amazon makes it easy to see what the have on you, probably because they know you can’t do anything about it.

    Unfortunately, while you can access this data, Amazon doesn’t make it possible to delete much of it. You can tweak your privacy settings you stop your devices from recording quite as much information. However, once logged, the main strategy to delete it is to delete the entire account it is associated with.


    I did receive the data I requested and it was all nicely zipped and there were many, many zipped files. You really want to see all your data if you go through this processes. Ah well, at least they know people are requesting data and will not kill it due to lack of interest.

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