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  • Winnebago Journey DL Main Slide Repair

    Posted on May 13th, 2022 cwmoore No comments

    This will be a living document up and to the point that I have completed the full install, front & rear, of the slide pad kit assemblies. I bought two kits, one for each slide. We have not done the install yet but based on the instructions it appears as if the slide needs to be separated from the inner (smaller) rectangular tube completely. This will require disconnecting the hydraulic cylinder from both tube assemblies and disconnecting the other end from the slide shell. We intend to use 4 floor jacks to support the slide shell while the tube is fully disconnected.

    When the slide tubes are disconnected fore & aft the inner rectangular tube can freely move, first to replace the aft slide pads and second to replace the forward slide pads. After this is done, the forward end of the inner tube will be connected back to the slide shell and then the aft end will be reconnected to the hydraulic ram.

    I will explain in more detail as we go through the actual sequential event steps. We think it essential to have all the tools necessary to do this job completely on hand ready for easy deployment. Below are attached the the Kit hardware components and the instructions for performing the operation.

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