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  • Sustainable Seafood Guide

    Posted on May 22nd, 2022 cwmoore No comments
    Sustainable Seafood Guide Cover

    This guide aims to provide a high-level overview of the seafood landscape in order to empower folks in making seafood purchasing decisions. It’s important to note that ethical consumerism alone won’t save our fishing communities nor the ocean. This guide hopes to raise awareness and encourage everyone to work toward changing public policy and getting more connected to your local seafood providers.

    This guide also acknowledges that the current system is rife with inequities that prevent many people from having access to a range of healthy foods. In addition, the commodification of marine animals for the global seafood trade has pushed seafood off the plates of many peoples — especially indigenous peoples — who have historically relied on seafood for sustenance and subsistence purposes.

    Still, millions of people eat commercially produced seafood and use labels and certifications to help them make their purchasing decisions. When seafood eaters base their seafood purchases solely on the label, they delegate their individual responsibility for making good purchasing decisions to the corporations trying to sell their fish. Having a few simple rules of thumb can guide sustainable seafood choices and prevent one from



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