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  • We Import 70% of our oil!

    Posted on February 27th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    Read my lips – 70 % of our oil is imported and it is growing.  Wake up America: The biggest single threat to our security is the foreign oil we import.  Not only is it bankrupting us but the oil suppliers the Venezuela and Arab Middle East are not really our friends.  Watch this video at the link given and if you still feel comfortable then forget this article.  If not join the Pickens Plan and do something for the good old USA – remember it is a war we are waging and we will win with your help. Go to video concerning imported oil.

    Remember the url http://www.pickensplan.com .

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  • Conservative vs Liberal: a definition

    Posted on February 24th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

     The 6 definitions below sum up the argument pretty well for middle of the road liberals and conservatives.  Then there are those far right and far left personalities who try to define a profile that is the only profile to follow for fellow man.  I believe personality definitions are spherical in nature and can be defined by spherical equations (and a sinusoid).  The far fringes meet and touch on the other side of reality.  Once you get past + (conservative) & – (liberal) 90 degrees (reality) you slowly progress into non-reality until at 180 degrees the right and left non-realities meet and in essence are the same in actions and deeds.  I suppose psychologists have a term for this type of behavior.  Boy, I sure would like to rate some of those right wing radio personalities who so eloquently seduce their masses.  The same with left wingers too but then we never really hear from them except today in D.C.  Now what is the Sine of 45?


    1. Belief in natural law
    2. Belief in established institutions
    3. Preference for liberty over equality
    4. Suspicion of power—and of human nature
    5. Belief in exceptionalism
    6. Belief in the individual


    1. Belief in positive law
    2. Faith in progress
    3. Preference for equality over liberty
    4. Belief in the benevolence of government and individuals
    5. Belief in the perfectibility of human beings
    6. Belief in the community

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