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    Posted on January 14th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    After working all day, doing 40 minutes of meditation and eating dinner I went to B&N to do a little research.  They had exactly two books on kayaking.  One was more for the whitewater river runners and the other was more of a ground up kayaking 101.  I read the interesting bits but did not really get the info I was after.

    There are long kayaks and there are real short ones and all sizes in between.  Not only that there is one called a fish style and one called Swede.  Then there is a term called Rocker.  After that you have to get a paddle and there a thousand types for those.  If you want to go on cold water in the winter you need a dry suit, a skirt and a few other necessities that have hundreds of styles.

    Understand this equipment is not cheap.  We are talking a couple of grand and that is for just one.  For other applications you need two or three types.  This leads to serious money.  I feel defeated already and then there is the equipment tha SAM needs. Wow.  What to do.

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