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    Posted on February 8th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    This winter has been characterized by lots of snow and periodic warm spells that melt the snow and flooding rivers.  The whole are from Grand Rapids to Detroit to Indianapolis are in the Water Triangle.  It would be fun to get out and kayak- more specifically I would like to get over to Barry’s and get in one of his kayaks and paddle up river towards Orland.  I might not make it but at least the trip back would be a breeze.  Maybe next weekend.  I am really keen on trying some different types of kayaks.

    Tomorrow we have planned a trip to Saugatuck to look at the boat.  The batteries have to be charged, I want to remove the valve lifter shutoff cable and take one of the seacocks apart to see what king of shape they are in.  I suspect that all of them should be cleaned and re-lapped for a tight fit.  At least I want to identify the ones that are frozen in place.  They may not be but I know I have not shut off some of the valves since I have owned the boat.  As a matter of fact I think there are some that I do not know where they even are.  With two of us there and a wire to bang the thru hull I might be able to find them all.  At least I know where 6 of them are.  That leaves 3 in unidentified positions.

    Assuming we get up early enough and get going by 0900 we should have sufficient time to  do all that needs to be done.  Here is hoping.

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