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  • Lake Effect Snow

    Posted on February 19th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    There was a blzzard of lake effect snow today and it was not anywhere near the 51 degrees of a couple of days ago.  This morning there was about an inch of the very light fluffy stuff on the truck and of course no matter how slowly you open the door the fluffy stuff flies into the vehicle and all over the seat.

     My work has been pretty slow and I expect the hammer to fall if it does not pick up pretty soon.  There are a few options to extend the agony but in the end $ earned fall to next to nothing pretty rapidly.

    I went to Braun’s tonight and then on to B&N but I only read some more of a kayaking book.  I am fascinated by the Eskimo roll and how it is performed.  I am wondering if I have enough hip snap left to perform the roll.  The other thing I wonder is how to avoid losing my glasses when I roll over.  Fred had a clever idea that he uses on his skidoo’s.  He puts on a good neck band and then takes a carabiner of small size and clips it to the life vest and the neck band.  It would work but it does not seem too secure to me.  I guess I can try it but I’ll have to superglue the lens into the frames first.

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