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  • Detroit

    Posted on February 25th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    I just looked and it has been some time since I wrote a blogline.  I am in Detroit for and early morning meeting and since they were forecasting snow I did not feel like getting up at 0400 and driving through lots of snow and icy roads.  The trip back tomorrow appears like it will be a real joy.

    Last Saturday Barry & I went out on the Fawn River kayaking.  We fought the current upstream for about 2 miles (2 hours) and stopped to talk and bask in the rare sunshine.  We decided enough was enough and turned around.  We were back in no time at all.  My boat is a short and wide recreational kayak – read entry level – but Barry’s is 14′ and only 24″ or so wide.  Besides being an expert kayaker his boat goes much faster than mine.

    Sunday I was hurting from the strenuous exercise so out came the ibuprofen and I rested a lot after church.  Later in the day we got out for a short time to go to the church supper.  SAM wanted to stay but I had to pack and finish the clothes for the morning run to GR.

    We have not been back to the boat and will not go this weekend coming up either.  This weekend the Dayton crew is coming up and Martha too. I will entertain as SAM has a church retreat.

    Andy promises an early spring so I have to get the boat bottom painted and the stop cable installed.  I had Tower change the filters and install a shutoff valve for the diesel tank.  The shutoff will make me feel safer.  This year I want to kayak the Kalamazoo River at least 5 miles upstream from where we are with the new kayak I am looking for.

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