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  • Home again in Indiana

    Posted on April 6th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    We arrived back at home about 1530 and unpacked the truck and vacuumed it out in the wonderful  mid 60’s temperatures.  Now the washing is going and we are making dinner.  I am also preparing for my trip back to the GR area tomorrow AM.

    Most of the boat work is done for the May 2 launch.  SAM did all of the polishing and waxing while I did the inside work and rebuilt the head water faucets.  Now we will have to see if they work OK.  I had to use available parts at Menards and Lowes.  These parts were of a different size so I may get a surprise when I turn on the water in a month or so.

    I continue to mess with the electrical wiring clean up and I soldered the bilge pump wires that were just twisted together.  Afterwards, I coated the solder joint with liquid tape.  The test of the bilge float indicates the pump should turn on and off OK.  While down in there I renewed the oil absorbers and mopped the far aft area that had some gunk in it.  It is now much cleaner with no loose objects to plug the pump.

    I have been taking triple of my usual dose of Ibuprofen to ease the pain in my middle back area.  I have never been the same since I fell upside down into the aft lazerette last January.  This type of springtime boat work seems to aggravate the problem.  It also seems like sitting in my chair at work does not help matters either.

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