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  • Post Vacation Trauma

    Posted on April 7th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    I am here in my hotel room sore, bruised and depressed after my week long “vacation” working on the  boat.  I imagine SAM feels ever worse after using rubbing compound and then wax over the entire boat.  Both of us did not feel like going to work today.  I have taken so much ibuprofen that now my stomach hurts.  Sort of self pity shows eh?  Two people have looked at the boat but no takers.  One guy thought the deck caulk was too old (10 years).  Maybe it is but it does not leak that you can see.

    I went to the paddle club bolog and lo and behold I found the April 31 Big Pine Creek run.  Who’s face do I see most?  My old high school chum Barry.  He must have half the pictures in the Kodak EasyAlbum.  I recognized him by his hat.  It is a “suntamer” and are pretty expensive at $70.  I bought one too as I think the will be good on the sailboat as well as for kayaking.

    After dinner at Russ’s I went to B&N and bought a cookie – Oatmeal and raisin. UMMMM!  I have not started eating it yet but will pretty soon.

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