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  • The snow is gone

    Posted on February 25th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    I got out this morning to take one last tour around the lake but the snow was sticking to the bottom of the skis.  As such I only made it down the lake and back rather than go around.  By theis afternoon most of the snow is gone, a victim to the 47 degree temperatures.  Tonight is to be above freezing and tomorrow in the mid 40’s.  The lake still has patches of snow but it is mostly puddles of water.  The ice fisherman said that the ice was 5″ thick & he had caught 6 Bluegills so far – some were very small.   I waxed up the skis and put them away.  I need to sew up some bags to hold the skis so they do not get dirty.

    The weather may break so we can get some early season kayaking in.  The Pigeon looks like it is a good level – no too high and not too low.  I wonder what Long Lake looks like so maybe I’ll go down to look.  It may open up pretty soon so we can do the run down to Golden Lake.

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