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    Posted on June 17th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    Monday we went out sailing but the winds died.  We had to motor back into the river.  The biting flies were out as well so we can chalk Monday up as a bad day.  At least it was warm and dry.

    Tuesday we went out again and the wind was really blowing out of the East at 20 kts.  The seas were 1 or less to start and we enjoyed some pretty good runs at hull speed.  I finally heard an unusual noise in the back ground and investigated.  Sure enough up above the reefing points the sail slides were broken and the remnants were tinging against the mast.  I could see the sail was under some stress and since I did not want to chance ripping it we headed into the wind and I took down the main sail and secured it.  I ask SAM to hold a course with the inner staysail but could not so I started the engine and we motored up the river to our slip.  The remainder of the afternoon was spent securing repair parts and performing the repair.  All in all a pretty good day.

    Tuesday night late it started to rain and continued throughout the night at a moderate pace – I would guess about an inch of rain – and into Wednesday morning when it abated to a drizzle.  We departed Inspiration about 0930 for the trip to Indiana.  SAM had a real husky sound this AM and appears to be developing a cold – the second this season.  I am suspicious that it might be an allergy  or the cooking oil used last night to fry the egg plant.

    The lawn was mowed by 1600 hrs and I had a shower to get all the grass off of my person then I went to the church tonight as is usual.  We had 33 children tonight and the parents brought many as the buses were nearly empty.

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