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  • Today at the beach

    Posted on January 28th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    We went again to the Gulfport beach and enjoyed the somewhat warmer sun that seems to appear around 1400 hrs local.  We got a good 1.5 hours and a slight burn.  I think this is good and we will be sun hardened in a few days.  After the beach we drove all the way to Indian Shoures and then Clearwater where we exited and took 49th Street back.

    I sent for free tickets to the Swedish SS Gunilla that will be arriving here in a few days.  My birthday will be spent on tour of the 195′ tall ship.  Pretty cool.  Speaking of sailboats – there is one that has sunk just off of Gulfport Beach.  Wierd as it has been down for two days and there is no activity around it at all.  It must be in about 20′ of water as the mast is sticking out about 20-30′.

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