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  • Farmers Market

    Posted on January 30th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    went to the farmers market in downtown St. Petersburg.  The St. Pete version includes lots of fast food and a jazz band with lots of downtown people and dogs.  There were a couple of stands that had actual green veggies.  Perhaps the freezing cold killed all the vegetables and that was the reason why there were so few  farm related stands. 

    I did get to see all the boats at the municipal marina.  Man, there are a lot of them.  The municipality allows only boat owners and escorted guests on the docks so I could not get a close look at some of the boats.  I think you could spend all day on the docks.

    After we returned, the rain started.  Not real heavy rain but rain nonetheless.  I took a nap & so did SAM. End-of-day

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