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  • Pigeon Lake & River

    Posted on April 18th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    [singlepic id=165 w=320 h=191 float=left]Saturday Fred and I went kayaking.  We put in at Pigeon Lake boat ramp and paddled to the opposite end of the lake.  The wind was up and the second basin had a lot more wave action as the wind was from the WNW.  We took the Pigeon River outlet and traveled to the pond, looked around for a bit and then proceeded down the river for a mile or so.  We stopped for a short break at a little bar where the water was about a foot deep.

    The way back was up stream and we had to paddle a little more.  We stopped in the pond to take some pictures.  On the river going from the pond to Pigeon Lake we startled a Blue Heron and a mated pair of  Geese.  Out on the lake we paddled back into a stiff breeze of about 15kt.  I took the direct route as I had my skirt on and Fred took the shore line because he did not have a skirt.  We both made it in approximately the same time and I am sure I[singlepic id=166 w=246 h=184 float=right] had to work much harder than he did.  A few of the waves broke over the bow and slapped my face

    The whole trip took about 2 hours from boat unloading to boat loading.  We are planning a further trip after a big rain down to Hanselman Road.  This should be some fun.  If we can cover enough ground perhaps we can go further if the water depths permit.  I do know one stretch is quite shallow and SAM & I had to get out of the boats many, many times going from 400N down to Pleasant Lake – it was no fun.

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