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  • Hot weather

    Posted on July 7th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    We were in PL for the 4th at A&L’s house. We got into town about 1630 hrs Saturday because my brother wanted to stay there over night.  From there we came right back to the boat.

    We discovered that our dingy had a gaping hole just at the junction of the floor and the inflated sides.  That is why with only myself in the dingy everything was OK and when SAM was in front it scooped in more water than could be ejected through the transom outlet.  I took it to Wolf’s Marine in Benton Harbor for the $260 repair – I hope it was worth it – because the dingy is on life support now.  A new one will be $1200 plus all the extras and registration.

    Here is my boat chore list for this week:

    • Purchase and execute a temporary Fog Horn install with connectors and 20′ of speaker cable to connect to the DSC Radio Hailer.  COMPLETED.
    • Install wind generator mast and configure wiring to allow installation. COMPLETED.
    • Complete install of the Wind Bugger.  NEXT WEEK.

    It has been HOT, HOT.  I re-installed the airconditioner we bought earlier this season.  The AC has provided a much needed relief from the mid-90’s heat index with actuals of 90+.  I sweat 3 quarts today outside doing the work.

    FLASH.  Last night SAM said, “What is that noise?”.  It sounded to my electrical educated ear as a buzzing / arcing sound bu sans smoke or acrid odor.  I shut off the Shore power last night and ran on batteries over night.  Today morning we re-applied power and same sounds emanating from power panel and Heart Charger/Inverter.  I banged the Heart unit and so far the unit has functioned OK:  I think it was a stuck relay.  Pray with me ……………………………..

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