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  • Dingy Trip

    Posted on October 17th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    We too a dingy trip up and down the K’Zoo this afternoon when we finished lunch.  We started up river but it is so low we were soon churning mud – bad news.  After several abortive passages upriver we turned down river seeking Lake Michigan.  We did not make it because SAM started to get too cold and my leg was going asleep.

    After we returned to the boat, I ran the motor with the gas shutoff until it ran out of fuel, removed the motor and hoisted the dingy to the forward part of the boat using the winch and SAM guiding the process.

    Talked with RJ, Tower Marina owner, and he said the cradle is ready for me to paint and I said we would wait until next spring since I did not want partially cured paint getting on the boat.  In passing he said the cradle was reinforced to support the keel totally with the pads taking up the side loads.  I expressed a concern with the forward keel area that must be supported and he said he would take care of it with the welder.  I consider this the fulfillment of the contract we made with Matt last year if the cradle does not bend like last year and needed block support.

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