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  • Late to rise

    Posted on October 28th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    Rolled out of bed later than usual this morning.  I am not sure why except it felt chilly – and it was.  Once out of bed I walked Fish Creek Trail down to the first cache stage and put a new metal tag in cache to replace the old paper one.  I then went out caching and found one but DNF two others.  It turns out one is in the middle of Hogback Lake on an island – we will have to get that one by kayak.  The other DNF I should have found and when SAM returned with me later SAM spotted right away.  We then did 3 more down by St Michael’s Church south of PL.  Now I await Karon so she can cut my hair – it needs a good cutting – but she is doing other jobs and may not have time.

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