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  • Google Calendar

    Posted on December 7th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    [singlepic id=267 w=120 h=120 float=right]I spent the morning attempting to find out what the issue was with Google Calendar that I have embedded into the aaogchurch.com website.  It was not rendering correctly in the Month view.  Finally, I found the issue was posted to the web developers part of the site.  However, this was not before I spent a lot of time trying different arrangements for the page – nothing worked.  I then go the inkling that it might be a Google anomoly and sure enough “Alice” had posted a note that they were working on it.  Ah well, what do you expect for free?  The cloud calendar is a pretty cool thing for people on the move but for a retired engineer who needs a calendar.  Probably I do but I just do not know it yet – now if I just had a 3G or 4G phone I know I would find it useful.