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  • Lake Effect Snow

    Posted on December 8th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    We continued to be plagued by lake effect snow.  Do not get me wrong – I like snow.  However, I like snow to be the snow we can play with; for example,  X-C skiing or even snow blowing the drives.  This stuff continues to come down a flakes [singlepic id=268 w=64 h=64 float=left]that accumulates about 1″ per day and half that sublimes during the days limited sunshine.  Still it could be worse, the internet could be off because around here that is the main source of entertainment.

    I just completed a “favicon” for the church but then I remembered I did not have access to root and thus could not place the .ico file.  I’ll include it here just for fun so you can admire it.  Remember I have it copyrighted…..Moore later