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  • Soup n Salad n Bees

    Posted on April 8th, 2011 cwmoore No comments

    We had a soup & salad benefit at the church tonight from 5 – 7. A lot of friends and family came and we had a great time talking to everyone. All the soups were great and so was the salad – I added the spritzer flavoring JKM brought home last Christmas. SAM & I closed down the place with Pastor Moore and Naughtons.

    This afternoon was spent studying up on beekeeping and figuring out how much money it would cost to get in at the level I want to participate: about $1.5K more or less. With two hives it would take 2 good years to pay off the investment. I figure this avocation would keep me out of trouble, get me outside more and make a few $$ besides. I have always liked bees but never got around to it since I studied it heavily in the mid-70’s: I still have the book by A.I. Root which was the bible of bees back then. Now the internet has supplanted the book and the information age is upon us via smart phone and desktop. Check out this link – http://basicbeekeeping.blogspot.com/

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