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  • At last sunshine!

    Posted on October 1st, 2011 cwmoore No comments

    We spent the final week of Spetember with overcast skies, lots of rain and a pesky upper level low that just would not move from the south end of Lake Michigan.  Part of that time we were on the boat and part of the time at home.  The boat part was memorable because of the storm force winds of the past three days,boring days onboard and difficulty of getting from the boat to shore without getting real wet.  The winds hit 40 knots with a steady blow of about 26kt as they veered clockedwise around from the SW to N over a 18 hr period.  All the lines on the boat were tested and I added a few more to be on the safe side to redundant cleats.  We got to use the generator as shorepower failed due to trees falling across powerlines.

    While we were at home I helped replace part of the roof at the church in between rainstorms and the group of guys had a good time eating the meals the ladies prepared.  We got caught up on the bills and mowed the lawn because the lower level needed it pretty badly.  Also cleaned some the areas of the lower building and organized some of the back part as well.  I made a couple of plates for the boat out of teak so that the chain rode would not abraid the caprail teak brightwork.

    We are still planning on pulling the boat near the end of October if we still have her.  Some guy in Washington state has been showing interest.  If it does not sell we are pulling her from the market as I feel the price is too low right now and the interest has not been overwhelming at that price and going lower is out of the question.  Moore later!

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