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  • Holland & Saugatuck

    Posted on December 14th, 2012 cwmoore No comments

    Sharon, Abby and I were up earlier than usual to allow to drive to Holland, MI for my periodontist teeth cleaning appointment.  We drove via I-69/I-94/US-131/US-40 all the way into Holland and arrived with plenty of time to spare.  Abby rested in the car from her trauma yesterday, SAM went shopping and I got to relay in the dentist chair.  My ordeal was quickly over and we drove over to Steak n Shake where we had our traditional favorites.

    After leaving SnS we went down to Saugatuck and SAM shopped some more while Abby and I just sort of lounged in the car.  We were much surprised to see an island in the middle of the Kalamazoo River – the water is so low that there is bare earth showing in the middle of the river.  If the river does not raise the boating season for Saugatuck-Douglas will be a disaster and the community will feel the full impact of no boaters.

    I mentioned Abby earlier.  Yesterday she went to the vets for a tooth cleaning and to have a lump on her back removed.  When we picked her up she was groggy and coughing strangely.  The persisted all night but subsided mostly by morning.  We were quite concerned,  Today she was mostly back to herself but felt a bit feverish, in spite of the fact that the vet gave her an antibiotic.  The incision to remove a 1/4″ lump was three inches long and the sutures looked sort of crudely done.  We just could not believe the incision was so long:  must have had long tendrils or something that the vet did not explain since we decided not have a biopsy.  Our $450 experience at this vet was not too satisfying and we will look for another.


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