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  • Christmas Season

    Posted on December 16th, 2012 cwmoore No comments

    Today was the christmas program at www.aaogchurch.com and it was a great program.  The wee ones were cute and the older ones good with a lot of last minute stand-ins due to sickness.  The hour went quickly and afterwards there was a lot of good food over at the Family Life Center.  We had 217 attendance.  There was a pre-service prayer for the fallen children, heroine’s and heros of Sandy Hook – 26 in all of which 20 were children 6-7 yars old.

    I sent out the Christmas Letter to family members yesterday and only 4 emails bounced this year – DJ, Erin, Kristen and Chris.  I will post the text and pictures on this blog next week as a legacy method trying to reach those family and friends that change emails too often to keep track of.  Over the years, with continual seperation our previously tight knit family is disappating like smoke on the wind so the Christmas Letter keeps the interested ones informed of happenings of the year.

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