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  • Lots of volunteer work

    Posted on August 22nd, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    I have been doing a lot of technical work for Angola Assembly of God keeping the network and computers operational. Most of the staff have multiple computers and at least one Windows 7 machine for each one. This is all done on the slimmest of budgets and free labor – of course. I am glad to do this but it has been almost a full time job for the last month. Couple that with the Gideon commitments and it is a full time work.

    Sailing our local lake has taken back seat to the work I am doing. I need to get the boat out on the water and perhaps it will be possible to do this tomorrow if the winds are around 5-10 mph. It looks like Grandpa Lyons old house has been sold. There are promises that it will be restored to its former glory and I hope that includes the rose arbor as well. The family that bought it is well known in the community. Next week will be a busy one.

    I talked with the artist that is going to do the boat name and hailing port painting for the boat name Inspiration II. He is to send me pictures of some of his work. Now the question is whether to pain name on aft, port/starboard side or all of it on the stern. This sort of sums up the day except that I mowed the whole lower yard and was finished by noon. There were lots of little things I did to fill the time and I found that I am missing my 1/4″ drive 7mm socket. I wonder where it went? BFN