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  • Florida & Return Summary

    Posted on November 7th, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    After getting the truck fixed we sort of gingerly made our way to Jacksonville & the boat. Upon arrive we tookup post at the site where our boat used to be and camped all night. In the morning we went to the Dockmaster and told him what we had done and that we liked the spot so he told us to stay there until a decision could be made. The next 12 days rapidly passed and each day was filled with restacking the storage facility, loading the boat, cleaning the boat and checking things out about our new home. Everwhere we touched we found things that needed repair and nothing was really as presented to us. We sold the dingy for $50 sans title and anything else and we were glad to get rid of it. The dingy was way to heavy for the davits and was an accident waiting to happen at sea. On the day of departure we arose at 0430 and purposefully prepared to wrap up the camping, stow the water and power lines, lower to top and put the truck in its designated parking place. After that we went to the clubhouse about 0600 for breakfast and left the marina at 0645 northward bound via I-10 and I-75 towards Knoxville.

    One of the things we learned was that a dingy without a title cannot be registered and if it is not registered you cannot use any kind of a motor on it – period. So if the 2HP outboard is to be activated we need to find a dingy with a title. I will have to ask Jerry if his has a title. I will try to do this soon. Another thing we learned is that “The Works” toilet bowl cleaner does indeed clean off rust spots on the hull. SAM did the whole waterline and it is beautiful. Another thing we learned is that we are not as adverse to Cetol and varnish as we thought we were and immediately made plans to strip remaining varnish/Cetorl that is on the under siide of the rub rail.

    My eye was bothering me so today I went to the doctor’s office to have him look at it. He thought it would be an easy fix and gave me some steroid drops to be used 4x per day for a week and then only twice per day for the remainder of three weeks. When I got back home I ate some lunch and took a brief nod of the head and went outside to do the leaves. About 1700 we had picked up 5 mulched loads of heavy damp leaves from the lower land and 5 loads of partially mulched leaves fro the top: Everything looks good now and we are ready for the coming rain and snow.

    We are slowly accumulating things for the next trip and it too will be a full overload again.

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