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  • Thanksgiving 2014

    Posted on November 27th, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    We started festivities the evening before with a good meal at my sisters house. My brothers and sisters were there as well as a nephew and his children plus niece with her boyfriend. The played cards and I tried to stay far away from that but had a good time talking with family not playing cards. The food was good and lots of it so everything was great.

    Today, at our house, we hosted the dinner and just before that Jess called in and we all took turns chatting. While doing that Brandon called in too. While all the talking was going on I said the prayer and feeding frenzy began which last for an hour or so. Abruptly the party was over about 1330 and the guests melted away. There was snow and slipery roads coming so everyone wanted to get to their next destination before dark and the roads became worse. It was pretty silent for a while but SIL cut our hair so that added a little noise to the house. Later we took out the voluminous garbage and tried to make the house shipshape.

    Now I even have time to write in this diary that I am not too faithful in maintaining. I have had this blog for over a decade and it seems a shame to let it go even though I have two more that I write in fairly often. These two are of a nautical bend and so I get to those almost every day. Night everyone & Moore Later.

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