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  • A Day on the Road

    Posted on November 29th, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    I awoke at 0400 to the howl of Coyotes: One was the long howl like a wolf and there were many yipe of happy Coyotes. The only issue is they were immediately behind the house just down the hill. Almost the same spot as Abby goes morning, noon and night. This means I can no longer put her out after dark for fear of Coyotes. This is the very first time they have come so close to the house.

    We puttered around the house but got on the road at about 0715 and arrived in Knoxville at 1730. There was an hour delay as two lanes merged into one on I-75 in Kentucky. I would use I-65, as bumpy as it is, and then join I-75 just North of Dalton, GA. We are now trying to decide whether to go via I-75 to Atlanta or I-40S to I-26S but I am favoring I-75 to I-10E. It is a little shorter and at least 30-40 minutes faster.

    As I write, we are in the Quality Inn in North Knoxville. The internet is good, Price is $53 plus tax and the breakfast is good too. Pets are $10 a night. It is not the cleanest place but good value. Anyway, we are on the way to the boat and found a house guest so guard our place. Moore later.

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